a christmas carol stave two characters

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  • stave two characters
    • Fan
      • Adjectives to describe her
        • kind
        • eager
        • happy
        • thougtful
        • considerate
      • Why is she included
        • Comparison to scrooge
        • An explanation for fred's good nature
      • what does she do
        • comes to bring scrooge home from boarding school
        • to show that people in her family can change
          • "Farther is much kinder now"
    • Mr and Mrs Fezziwig
      • Highly regarded in business by scrooge
        • direct comparison of how scrooge does business
      • jolly, happy enjoys life shares his welth with others
        • comparison with how scrooge treats bob cratchit
    • Bell
      • engaged to scrooge
        • breaks up with scrooge as she believes that "another idol has replaced me... a golden one"
          • she believes scrooge loves money and his status more than he loves her
        • Sat in a "mourning dress could suggest  that she is grieving for the loss of their relationship
        • she is sad and upset about scrooges behaviour and didn't necessarily want to end their engagement
      • how was she  described
        • goodness
        • kindness
        • condiderate
      • her husband
        • shows that had he not been so devoted to money they could have been happy with each other
    • Scrooge
      • left at boarding school over christmas every christmas
      • he experienced cruelty as a child
      • he was lonely at school
        • his only friends where where fictional characters
          • "why it's ali baba and robin crusoe
            • he was excited to see them


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