Stave 4

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  • Stave 4
    • Scrooge is filled with "horror" and "solemn dread"
      • The appearance terrifies Scrooge.
    • Bends down on his knees, say's he'll go with it "with a thankful heart"
      • Afraid of the spirit, but know's he's going to learn from him - so he is humble.
      • Change - reader will realise he has a heart.
    • Shows Scrooges body in a lonely room "plundered and bereft; unwatched, unwept, uncared for"
    • Scrooge is sick of nobody mourning the dead man.
      • Takes Scrooge to the Cratchit house after Scrooge asks to see "some tenderness connect with a death"
    • Tim will be buried somewhere "Green" but Scrooge will be buried somewhere "Worthy" of the "wretched man" who's buried there - "overrun" by "weeds"
      • Tim and Scrooge's burial places reflect the affection of the people they leave behind.
    • Spirits "kind hand" shows his purpose is to help Scrooge.
      • Scrooge thinks the visions mean he is "past all hope" - theme of redemption.
    • Holds hand in a last prayer - contrasting to covetous old sinner.
      • Links to religious context.


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