A Christmas Carol Key Quotes Stave 1

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  • Stave 1
    • 'Generous fire'
      • Eludes to the story of Prometheus.
        • He stole fire from the gods to give to mankind- seen as a champion as he had to suffer perpetually. He is intelligent.
          • Although Scrooge is intelligent, he isn't a champion of mankind. This highlights his uncharitable nature.
      • 'Generous'- adjective
        • Scrooge is never kind nor charitable.
        • Foreshadows what he could become.
    • 'Covetous, old sinner!'
      • Noun 'sinner' and adjective 'covetous' create a semantic field of Christianity.
        • Suggests that Scrooge isn't very Christian, and that redemption needs to occur.
      • Adjective 'old' suggests he has been a sinner for a while.
    • 'Hard and sharp as flint'
      • Adjectives illustrate his heartle**ne-** as they imply he is tough.
        • Ties in with Malthus' heartle** ideas regarding the poor.
      • Flint is cold and solid- Scrooge doesn't let anyone in.
        • Flint is also used for cutting- Scrooge's words and actions are often cutting.
      • Simile
    • 'I wear the chain I forged in life.'
      • Active voice
      • Declarative
      • Metaphor
      • Verb 'forged' suggests laborious work- Marley had to work hard to make the chain.
        • Suggests he did countle** wrong things while he was living, and he has to deal with it now.
          • He is warning Scrooge to not do the same in his life.


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