Statistical Analysis

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  • Statistical Analysis
    • Mean
      • Sum of all the data divided by the number of values
      • Can't be too trusted because varience is not depicted by the mean. Groups with similar means can have a completely different set of data
    • Deviation
      • Difference between data point and mean
      • Standard deviation:
        • Small Standard Deviation- data is clustered around mean
        • High Standars Deviation- data is widely spread above/below mean
    • Error Bars
      • show range of data/standard deviation
    • Normal Distribution
      • Bell shaped
      • depends on mean or standard deviation
    • T Test
      • formal test for a statistical significant difference between the means of 2 sets of data
      • To apply the T Test
        • Data must be normally distributed
        • Sample size must be greater than or equal to 10
    • Correlation and Causation
      • The existence of a correlation does not necessarily mean there is a causal relationship


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