Static electricity

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  • Static Electricity
    • When some insulating materials are rubbed against each other they become electrically charged
      • Negatively charged electrons will be rubbed off one and put onto the other
      • The material that gains electrons will become negatively charged
      • The material that  loses the electrons will be left with an equal positive charge
    • Electrically charged objects will attract small objects that are placed near them
      • Eg. rubbing a balloon on wool and then putting it by your hair
    • Positive static charges are caused by electrons moving
      • Only the electrons move
    • When electrically charged objects are brought together they exert a force on each other
      • Two objects with opposite electric charges will attract each other
      • Two objects with the same electric charge will repel each other
      • The forces felt by the objects get weaker as they're moved further away from each other
    • Electrical charges can move easily though conductors
      • Eg. metals


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