Core: Static Electricity

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  • Static Electricity
    • Can cause little sparks or shocks
      • clothing crackles
        • synthetic clothes are dragged over each other or your head electrons get scrapped off leaving static charge
          • causes attraction and little sparks as the charges rearrange
      • car shocks
        • between clothes and a synthetic car seat, the friction causes electrons to be scrapped off
          • when you touch metal door the charge flows and it can give you a shock
            • some cars have conducting strips which gives a safe discharge to Earth
      • shocks from door handles
        • walking on nylon carpet wearing insulating soles in shoes causes transfer of electrons and charge to build up on you body
          • then touching a metal door handle causes the charge to flow to conductor and gives you a shock
    • Electrically charged objects can attract other objects
      • Balloons can stick to walls
        • rubbing a balloon against hair or clothes cause electrons to be transferred to the balloon leaving it a negative charge
          • when held up against a wall it will stick
            • charges on surface of wall can move  - negative charges repel balloon, positive charges attract
      • charged comb can pick up small pieces if paper
        • comb through your hair, electrons are transferred giving the comb a negative charge
          • used to pick up little pieces of paper due to induction in the paper
      • Induction
        • using a charged object to force charges in an uncharged object to move
    • Lightening
      • rain and ice bump tether inside storm clouds knocking off electrons
        • top of the cloud positively charged, bottom negatively charged
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