States of matter

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  • states of matter
    • liquid
      • weaker forces of attraction between particles
      • irregular arrangements
      • particles close together
      • particles move past each other
      • more energy in kinetic store
      • move in random directions at slow speed
    • gas
      • particles are free to move
      • travel in random directions at high speeds
      • almost no forces of attraction
      • more energy in kinetic store
    • solid
      • sublimation to become a gas
      • melts to become a liquid
      • strong forces of attraction
      • particles in a fixed position
      • regular position
      • not much energy in their kinetic stores
      • only vibrate
    • kinetic energy stores
      • when u heat a liquid the extra energy passes into the particles Kinetic Energy stores, making them move faster
      • eventually when the particles have had enough energy to overcome their attraction to each other
      • big bubbles of gas are formed
    • when a substance changes state, its volume changes too
      • mass=density/volume
      • so density should change too
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