States Of Matter

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  • States Of Matter
    • Brownian Motion
      • Is the random motion of particles.
      • The particles move in a zig-zag pattern because they are being hit by tiny little water particles.
    • Diffusion
      • Particles mix and spread by colliding with other moving particles. Bouncing off in all different directions.
        • Particles in hot water are moving around quicker creating heat energy which enables them to move around faster.
          • Imagine a bath bomb.
      • Eventually, the particles spread from where they are more concentrated until they are evenly mixed
      • When particles move from a high concentration to a low concentration.
    • Solid, Liquid Gases
      • Solid
        • Particles tightly packed together in a straight line pattern.
        • To get from a solid to a liquid you create heat energy which changes state to a liquid.
      • Liquid
        • Particles are not as packed together but still have a pattern.
        • To get a liquid to a gas you create even more heat energy do that evaporation occurs. This  changes the state to a gas.
      • Gas
        • Random Motion of Particles no direction bounce of surface. No pattern
      • Sublimation.
        • Sublimation is a transaction from a solid to a lgas without going through the liquid stage.
        • Dry Ice sublimes from solid to gaseous.


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