Federalism In US- State Victories

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  • State Victories in US under Federalism
    • States were able to continue with slavery pre 1861- SC endorsed this in 'Dred Scott' 1857
    • New York V United Stated 1992- Challenged Low Level Radio Active Waste Policy- Justice O'Connor said congress cant force sates to enforce regulations
    • Printz V United States 1997- said that the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention act violated the 10th- Justice Antonin Scalia
    • Gonzales V Raich gave fed government control over drug use (DEA) yet in 2010 15 states permitted use of medical  marijuana- Violation of fed law.
    • Failed Federal Marriage Amendment 2004 under Bush- Still left to state law
    • Right To Life- Still lies with states. Bush wanted anti abortion majority on SC- to over turn R V W 1973- Failed 26 states require women to under go counselling


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