State crimes

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  • State Crimes
    • The scale of State Crime
      • the states power enables it to commit extremely large scale crimes with widespread victimisation
        • in Cambodia in 1970's the govt. killed 1/5 of the population
      • can coceal its crime or evade punishment more easily
      • The state defines the law so it can avoid defining its own harmful actions as criminal
    • Human Rights and State Crime
      • No universal list of human rights but most definitions include, natural rights and civil rights
      • A right is an entitlement and protection against the state
      • Herman and Schwendinger- we should define crime in terms of the violation of human rights, rather than breaking legal rules
        • Therefore states that practice imperialism, racism or sexism, or inflict economic exploitation on its citizens are committing crimes
    • State Crime and the culture of denial
      • Cohen- States conceal and legitimate their human rights crimes
        • Dictatorships-deny these crimes Democratic states have to legitimate their actions
        • Neutralisation theory- stares deny or  justify their crimes by... denial of the victim, denial of injury, denial of responsibility, condemning the condemners and appealing to higher loyalty
    • Green and Ward- state crime is 'illegal or deviant activity perpetrated by, or with the complicity of, state agencies'
      • McLaughlin- political, economic, social/ cultural or crimes by security and police forces


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