Starting A Business - Help and Support

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  • Starting A Business - Help and Support
    • Government
      • Reduces amount of state benfits they have to pay out.
      • The government receives more tax when business makes profit.
      • Provide funds for Business Link - provides advice for new business.
      • New firms can have bank loans underwritten by government. They pay it for them if business fails.
    • Private firms
      • Banks - Financial , advice , sometimes give supplier contacts or potential customers.
        • Why? Because they get the firm to open an account with them and reduce chance of failure so they get money back.
      • Some firms exist to provide management services - Charge for services but offer for free to new sometimes in the hope theyll pay back when succesful
    • Charities
      • Believes its good for society to have new firms
      • Most common is Princes Trust. Gives advice grants and low interest loans.
    • Chamber of comerces
      • Group of business people , look after local businesses
      • Proviude help and support


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