"Starman" -David Bowie Analysis 1972

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  • "Starman" By David Bowie 1972
    • Harmony And Melody
      • The intro tarts on chord IV, a feeling of being far away from home. But reinforced by chorus that begins on the tonic
      • Complex harmony in intro. Bass notes of E and F create a sense of movement and remain unresolved in the second bar
      • Octave leap in chorus - space. Uses it on life on Mars too
      • The guitar/keyboard bit between chorus and verse is stolen from The Supremes "you keep me hanging on"
      • "lalala" outro is 'pure t-rex' apparently. Especially "hot love" and like that love, the outro is super long, lasts over a minute
      • Ronsons solo is 'Melodic and Crafty" with strategic rests and vibrato with his fingers
    • Instrumentation and Rhythm
      • Reverb on vocals give a spacey feel, with the reverb on guitar and ringing open strings
      • Super typical strumming with a lack of semiquavers at the end of each bar. Melody Begins after a quaver rest
    • Texture
      • Homophonic Intro
    • Context
      • It was legal to be gay in 1967, he was all androgynous and weird looking which was a BIG thing. When he put his arm around Ronson on TOTP everyone **** themselves
      • Gary Numan watched it when he was 15.


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