Starch, Glycogen, Cellulose

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  • Starch, Glycogen, Cellulose
    • Starch
      • Polysaccharide found in many parts of a plant
      • Energy source
      • Chains of a-glucose linked by glycosidic bonds
      • Branched or unbranched- acted on by enzymes, energy released quicker
      • Coiled, compact- can store lots in small space
      • Insoluble, not drawn in by osmosis
      • Large/insoluble- does not diffuse out of cells
    • Glycogen
      • Found in animals
      • Short chains
      • Highly branched- released quicker. Important for animals as they need more energy quicker.
      • Compact, lots stored in small space
      • Insoluble- does not diffuse out of cells/not drawn in by osmosis
    • Cellulose
      • Monomers of b- glucose
      • Straight-unbranched chains
      • Chains run parallel to one another, cross linked by hydrogen bonds- add collective strength
      • Chains grouped to form microfibrils- in turn grouped to form fibres, provide more strength.


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