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  • Star wars
    • melody
      • Main theme (A) B3-7
      • sequence in strings
      • fanfare style B20 brass
      • main theme (B) B11-15
      • very memorable melodic ideas B3-7
      • both themes use triplets B5
    • rhythm
      • opening fast tempo
      • 4/4 quadruple time and march like tempo
      • lots of repeated notes and triplets for fanfare style (B5)
      • stong pulse throughout
      • triple time and slowing of speed
      • very fast tempo 120 BPM
    • texture
      • block chord accompaniment (B51)
      • mostly homophonic
      • Lots of pedal notes and ostinatos
      • Thick, full sound , few solos
    • Instrumentation
      • full symphony orchestra w/ lots of instruments doubled
      • Lots of brass (B30)
      • Use of sweeping strings (B31)
      • additional percussion instruments (timpani, trinagle, snare, tam tam. glock,vibraphone, cymbals)
      • No electronic sounds
    • genre
      • Film music (opening section of the film)
      • composed by John Williams in 1977
    • Harmony
      • Lots of quartal harmony
      • Mostly chords I, IV and V (primary chords)
      • not many cadences
      • Lots of dissonance
      • Use of tritone
    • Tonality
      • Clearly in B flat Major
      • less clear tonality form
      • Feels like C is the home note
      • lots of dissonance and atonality
      • Bitonality
    • Structure
      • Structure is dictated by the action on screen
      • Into, ABBA of main theme and second theme


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