IGCSE English Lit - The play "Journey's End" - possible exam question

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  • Stanhope comments that Trotter has 'no imagination'. Do you think this is a fair assessment of Trotter? Remember to support your ideas with details from the play.
    • Yes
      • When Trotter asked Osborne of what he was reading
        • Alice in Wonderland
          • Trotetr said it was a kids' book
            • No imaginaion to use it as a coping mechanism
          • Trotter didn't undesrtand what it was about
      • Compared to other characters in the play
        • Stanhope
          • Looks thorugh objects/people
          • Over-imagininig his girlfriend's/ father's/ Raleigh's reaction to his bad habits
        • Osborne
          • Teaches Raleigh
            • Uses vocab. from rugby /cricket
          • Reads fantasy books
            • Coping mechanism
        • Hibbert
          • Had imagination to come up with neuralgia
        • Raleigh
          • being excited about...
            • ...the raid
            • ....being in Stanhope's company
      • 'No imagination'
        • A metaphor for 'no feelings' ?
          • Black humour
            • Trotter jokes about war
          • Eating
            • Peole migth assume he only cares about food
              • Always changes subject when talking about the war
          • Trotter was moved up a rank because of someone's death
            • Was moved up again after Osborne's death
              • Still celebrated at the dinner after the raid
      • When Trotter drew 144 circles to count down the hours
        • Trotter later forgot to fill them in
          • Got bored?
            • No imagination
    • No
      • Coping mechanism
        • Gardening - images/ remembers his flowers/  has photos
          • Talks in a metaphor woth Osborn to cope at the war
        • One of Stanhope's mechanism is acceptance of the war/ joking that would die
          • Drew an illustration on Trotter's 144 circle hour counter
          • This is however not Trotter's way of coping
      • When Trotter came  with Raleigh , and talked to Osborne about seeing Stanhope veyr drank at night
        • Told that Stanhope was taking to Raleigh as if he was a 'school kid'
          • Type of imagination/ assumption
          • He has imagination, but didn't use it
      • Conflict
        • Social classes
          • Lower class
            • Simple
          • Trotter moved up  a rank / in a middle class from a lower class
            • Stanhope doesn't like  it, because he was born  in a middle class
              • Offends Trotter
              • Stanhope thinks he is still better than Trotter


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