Stanhope journeys end

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    • company commander
      • capable
        • im not going to trust the companies on our side to hold their ground
      • hold true leadership qualities
        • places duty and good of the entire company above all
    • from an English public school
      • used to play cricket and rugger brilliantly
    • inspiration to his men
      • brave
        • ' am M.C and a company
      • feels responsible of raleigh
        • cannot under circumstances
    • drinks
      • his drinking      dramatises     the stresses of war
      • 'drinking like a fish' pg 4
      • complex character
        • on the outside he is a capable officer but on the inside he is a man emotionally in turmoil as he has been deeply affected by war
        • ' although tanned by the months in the open air, there is a pallor under his skin and dark shadows under his skin'
    • young
      • 'dear young boy'
      • 'boy like stnahope'
      • despite his stars of rank he is no more than a boy'
      • about twenty one
    • courageous      hardworking
      • 'he's commanded this company for a year... he's never had a rest' pg 6
    • caring
      • 'never mind though i wont have you shot for that'
        • decent and understanding
    • deeply shell shocked         traumatised
      • 'his nerves have got battered to bits ' pg 6
    • tidy and respectful
      • 'his hair is carefully brushed; his uniform, though old and warn
      • organised
        • 'ive arranged two wiring partied to begin at eight o'clock         tonight'
      • he thinks hygiene and tidiness are improtant
        • understandable    given the circumstances
        • lack of organisation could cost lives
    • physically  exhausted
      • 'God, im bloody tired; ache- all over- feel sick'
    • strained hardened
      • he is not a perfect human being but as a man with weaknesses
        • this endears  him to the audience
          • restoring him as a hero
    • his past is represented by Raleigh
      • shows the huge impact war can have on a man


Paul Dutton


A really useful and colour coded guide to this character.  Good for some quick revision.

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