Stalin's rise to power

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  • Stalin's rise to power
    • Had many power positions within the party
      • General secretary
      • Member of the politburp
      • Secretariat and orgburo
      • was commissar for nationalities 1917-23
      • Head of workers and peasants inspectorate
    • Very close to Lenin in his final months- controlled who access to him
    • Regarded as a man who could get things done
    • His rivals- Trotsky, Zinoveiv, Karmenv and Bukharin
      • Won personality battle- they were patronising and vain
    • In control of the Lenin enrollment
      • Increased party membership- new recruits loyal to stalin
    • Built the cult of Lenin before he promoted himself as successor
    • Policies which he was associated with where the ones in keeping with Soviet needs
    • Joined Bolshivik party in 1903
      • Outsider (Georgian) shows he was not just looking for power
      • Insignificant party- very unpopular
    • Had luck 1920's- Lenin's testament
      • If published would of ruined his political career


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