Mussolinis consolidation

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  • Mussolinis Consolidation
    • Legal Power
      • Emergency Powers to rule by Decree, Nov 1922
      • Fascist Grand Council, Dec 1922
      • Acerbo Law
        • Over 25% of vote meant 2/3 of seats
          • passed to end coalition governments
      • Largest party in election 1924
        • 66% of vote
          • Pact of Rome & Corfu
        • Government by Decree, Jan1926
      • Legge Fascisissime banned opposition parties
    • Terror
      • Creation of Fascist Militia
        • Intimidated voters
      • Murder of Matteotti
        • 'The Fascists Exposed'
        • killed by Fascist thugs
      • Opponents forced to eat toads  & drink oil
    • Mistakes of others
      • Organised opposition such as strikes or army intervention could have stopped Mussolini
        • However, Aventine Secession happened instead
          • Opposition withdrew from Parliament, 100 deputies met
            • Refused re-admittance as they had forfeited their seats
      • King could have removed Mussolini
        • BUT still afraid of Socialism so didn't
        • Allowed Rule by Decree for 12 months
  • Mussolini could have been stopped, but failure of government & king meant he wasnt


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