Stalins Soviet Bloc

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  • Stalin's Communist Bloc
    • East Germany
      • became communist at Yalta and Potsdam when the split was decided
      • Led By Honecker
      • Provided the western Frontier of the buffer zone
    • Poland
      • Became communist following an election just after the liberation
      • Led by Boleslaw Bierut
      • brought agriculture and sea ports to the soviet bloc
    • Hungary
      • became communist following a coalition with an opposing party and then purging the government of non-communists
      • Led by Kadar
    • Bulgaria
      • became communist after the soviet union declared war on Bulgaria in 1944 and started a communist coup
      • led by Dimitrov
    • Czechoslovakia
      • led by Benes
      • became communist after the Czechoslovakian crisis following the marshal plan
    • Yugoslavia
      • led by Tito
      • left the soviet bloc after not wanting to answer to Stalin and instead allied with America in 1948


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