Stalin's Dictatorship in the late 1920's

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  • Stalin's Dictatorship
    • Why did  Stalin win?
      • Trotsky was tricked by Stalin into missing Lenin's funeral - Bolsh saw this as betrayal
      • People didn't trust Trotsky, he was too focused on world communism
      • Stalin edited photos to look closer to Lenin
      • Stalin was a good politician
      • Stalin carefully planned to kill or exile all opponents to gain more power
    • Trotsky
      • Lenin said he was loyal, capable, polite, & good leader
      • Self assured- little in common with proletariat
      • Wanted world communism - Russia should inspire the rest of the world
      • Jewish, very bright, well off, intelligentsia
      • Led Red Army in civil war, in both revolutions - wrote ISKRA
      • BFFs with Lenin, on the sealed train with him
      • Beloved by intelligentsia, seen as distant by the people
    • Late 1920's communism
      • After Lenin's death, leadership was shared between 9 members of the Politburo (in charge of making policy)
      • Lenin formed USSR just before he died - 1922 ish, Most USSR countries not happy
      • After Tsar abdicated, most wanted independence from Russia
      • Propaganda techniques developed - posters, statues & edited photos
      • Lenin imposed censorship before he died
    • Stalin
      • Lenin thought he was too rude
      • Rude, megalomaniaaggressive
      • Determined, people like him, gets his point across
      • Wanted Socialism in one country, sort Russia out first
      • Identified with proletariat - poor, single mum, alcoholic dad
      • Was in riots in civil war
      • Edited himself into photos with Lenin
      • Seen as 'one of the people' but not trusted by the intelligentsia, like Lenin


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