To what extent had Stalin become a personal dictator in Communist Russia by the end of the 1920s

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  • Stalin's dictator in communism (end of the 1920s)
    • Lenin
      • He died in 1924
        • Of a brain haemorhage
      • He introduced the NEP
        • More a a capitalist approach to the economy
      • Stalin organised Lenin's funeral
        • He told Trotsky the wrong date
      • Leningrad was names after him
      • Seen as a hero to 1000s
      • Put on display in Moscow
    • Stalin's background
      • He was a lead figure in the last few years of Lenin's life
      • General secretary for the communist party
      • he controlled much of the Government
      • 12th party congress
      • Son of a shoe maker
        • Humble background
      • From Georgia, Russian was his second language
    • Trotsky background
      • Committed member of the Bolsheviks party
      • Took part in the revolution
      • Played a leading role in revolution and close to Lenin
      • Had control over the Red Army
    • Lenin's Testament
      • Lenin was worried by Stalin's growing power
      • Lenin criticised Stalin in his testament
    • Stalin's claim to power
      • General Secretary
      • Extremely well organised
      • He used his position to appoint party members that supported him
      • Loyal to Lenin
      • Presented him self as Lenin's right hand man
      • Wanted to make communism strong
      • Organised Lenin's funeral
    • Trotsky's claim to power
      • Took part in revolution
      • control over the Red Army
      • Good leader
      • Bright
      • Supported Karl Marx version of communism
    • Communism in the late 1920s
      • When Lenin died he had made no preparation for a successor
      • Only communist government in the world
      • Lenin had censored; books, newspapers and films
      • Life was to serve the state
      • Lenin had used a lot of propaganda
      • Stalin had developed Lenin's strategies and used them to gain power
      • 1924 Stalin took power
      • Lenin's wife wanted Lenin's testaments published but Stalin stopped it
      • Stalin wrote foundation of Leninism which praised Lenin


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