Stalinist Economics

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  • Stalinist Economics
    • Agrarianism and Industrialisation
      • These are the two main industrial systems russia used. Before stalin's tenure the country was majorly agricultural, whilst after it had rapidly industrialised
      • Industrialisation- A process whereby a focus if placed on the manufacture of industrial prodcuts
      • Agrarianism- A system which places emphasis on manufacturing agricultural products
    • The Second Revolution
      • The second revolution was a concept supported supported by Stalin that argued that next lateral revolution the country could follow would be to industrialise
      • Revolution from above- The idea that the government pushed modernisation, and change only came from the party
      • Revolution from below- A more common suggestiong that the workers and peasants of russia had been the real reason that communism was implemented
    • Gosplan
      • Gosplan was the central planning agency that the Communist Party used. It was responsible for managing industrial aims of the country, and helping to make large projects achievable, as well as helping to plan the five year plans
        • 2nd Five Year Plan: January 1933- December 1937
        • 1st Five Year Plan: October 1928- December 1932
        • January 1938- June 1941
      • Gosplan's existence made it easier for Stalin to push gigantomania, a policy of large construction projects designed to impress the world
        • Magnitigorsk
        • The White Sea Canal
        • Palace of the Soviets
        • Dnieper Hydroelectric Station
    • Collectivisation
      • Collectivisation was an economic plan created by Stalin to increase output from the countries farms
      • The basic idea of the theory was that by grouping farms together into collectives, then the Soviet Union would become self sustainable and would be able to continue without relying on other nations for its food
      • However, this failed for many factors and resulted in famine between 1931-32


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