Stalin - Defeat of Opposition

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  • Stalin - Defeat of Opposition
    • Defeat of Trotsky
      • Formed Triumvirate- Stalin, Zinoviev and Kamenev.
      • Told wrong date for Lenin's funeral.
      • Accused of Factionalism
      • Trotsky put into internal exile 1928, deported from the Soviet Union in 1929
    • Defeat of United Oppostion
      • Stalin and Bukharin united.
      • Removed Zinoviev and Kamenev from positions of power.
      • Zinoviev and Kamenev expelled from the party.
        • But allowed to return in 1929.
    • Defeat of the Right Deviation
      • Bukaharin never managed to organise an effective opposition group.
      • Bukharin had no power base within the party to resist Stalin.
      • Stalin's supporters crushed the Right Deviation, Bukharin was removed from the Comintern and lost his place as editor of Pravda.
      • Stalin used his power as General Secretary to purge the trade unions' leadership.


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