Stakeholders and their objectives

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  • Stakeholders and their objectives
    • Directors / owners
      • To be involved in decision making
      • To remain in control
      • To increase their own power and status
      • To set the direction the business will take
    • Shareholders
      • To receive dividends from after-tax profits
      • To share in success and profitability of business
      • To delegate responsibility
    • Workforce
      • To receive a fair wage
      • To have pleasant working conditions
      • To have good job security through survival and expansion of business
      • To have promotion opportunities
    • Customers
      • 'Good value for money'
      • Good customer service
    • Suppliers
      • To continue to sell profitably
      • To be paid promptly and fully
        • To avoid cash flow problems
    • Banks / Lenders
      • To be paid back in full when due
      • To receive interest on the loan when due
    • Local Community
      • To benefit from jobs created
      • To be from environmental disadvantages the firm may generate e.g noise and litter
      • To benefit from facilities
      • For the firm to sponsor local activity
    • Government
      • To receive tax revenue from profitable firms
      • To ensure the business operates within national and EU laws
  • For the firm to sponsor local activity


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