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  • Stakeholders
    • Employees
      • they get money from working all day
      • they have to work all day and might get paid only minimum wage
    • customers
      • they get the product that they want from the stores
      • the products might be sold out so they cant get them
    • suppliers
      • they sell their products to stores to gain money (profit) off them
      • there are other suppliers in competition so the customers might not just go to their supplier
    • owners
      • they want the workers to work as long hours as possible so they don't need to hire more people.
      • the workers usually get lazy and don't work as much as they are supposed to.
    • producers
      • they sell their products all around the world
      • people dont like all of their products
    • government
      • he has to pay less unemployment pay which is saving his money
      • he has to spend more money on areas such as health and education
    • local community
      • the stores are close to them making the stores get more customers
      • it might be quite disturbing and in the way


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