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  • Staging
    • Features
      • EM's "merchants of dreams"
      • Experiences are subjective
      • Safe events vs wow factor events
      • Spiritual events can be secular
      • Cognitive: awareness, perception, memory
      • Conative: listening, watching, participating
      • Affective: values, preferences, feelings
      • Bringing together all elements of a production for its presentation
    • Design
      • Technical and Creative = unification of design aspects
      • Setting: use of space, decor, accessibility,
      • Atmosphere: Sensory stimulations, brought by audience, stimulated by lighting, sound and props
      • Program: content and running order
      • Choice of venue
    • Tools of staging
      • Stage plan
      • Contact and responsibility lists
      • Production schedules
      • Cue sheet for prompting
      • Untitled


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