Invisible Primary

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  • Invisible Primary
    • Gain recognition
    • Gain media attention
      • In things like New York Times, CBS TV channel and local media in key states
    • Doing well in key events
      • In 2011 there were 16 TV debates involving the Republican candidates and Rick Perry had to drop out because of poor performance in these
    • Iowa and New Hampshire traditionally start the process
      • Rick Santorum made 266 visits to Iowa in the buildup to the vote
    • Impressing voters as the front runner
      • Beoing the front runner can help but in 2007 Hilary Clinton was the front runner by the end of the invisible primary but was later beaten by Obama
    • Setting up the campaign organisation
      • Volunteers contact voters by phone, post, deliver leaflets, set up posters etc
    • Raising Money
      • In the 2011 invisible primary Mitt Romney raised over $56 million and went onto win the nomination


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