Stages of learning

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  • Stages of learning
    • 1st - Cognitive stage
      • learner is still trying to understand the demands of the task - putting together a mental model of what is required
      • learner needs to give all their attention to the performance of the skill -high concentration
      • coach gives lots of praise and encouragement to ensure improvement
      • learner makes many gross errors
      • any feedback given must be after performance (terminal feedback)
    • 3rd - Autonomous stage
      • skill improvement continues but at a less rapid rate
      • performance of skill displays very high levels of smoothness, efficiency, accuracy and is performed without stress
      • performer pays even less conscious attention to performance of skill - becomes habitual
      • performer can analyse their own performance and adjust their own actions - self-evaluation
    • 2nd - Associative stage
      • performer gradually becomes more successful and make fewer gross errors
      • rapid improvements made - skill actions become smoother, more accurate, better timed and more efficient
      • learner makes use of intrinsic feedback - compares performance to mental model of skill


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