English Language: CLA- stages of lang acqusition

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  • Stages of Language Acqusition
    • Crying- Birth
      • - Different messages in crying. -attention for hunger/ pain/discomfort (REFLEXIVE CRIES). VEGETATIVE NOISES- sucking, coughing, burping, vomiting.
    • Cooing- 6 weeks
      • Vowel like sounds. seems universal. Cooing and laughing response to care giver.
    • Babbling- 6 months
      • Consonants /Vowels made with Lips/teeth. experiments with mouth + tongue=control over vocal organs.  Babbling not universal, varies in intonation between languages (WEIR 1966). babbling drift where babbling moves in direct of lang heard (Cruttenden 1970)
      • REDUPICATED babbling- dadada. VARIEGATED babbling- adu maba
    • Intonation patterns- 8years
      • Mimicking speech esp. like a Q (rising). possibly due to parents
    • 1 word utterances- 1yr
      • average 15 words- names of people and things.
    • 2 Word utterances- 1 1/2 yrs
      • Mean length of utterance (MLU) increases, calculates in terms of morphemes. TELEGRAPHIC-ommitting articles, pronouns, verb endings BUT uses nouns + verb in order.


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