Stages of Language Acquisition

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  • Stages of development
    • Stage 1 - Holophrastic
      • The stage where a child says their first words
      • Holophrases-single words which express a complete idea
      • Quite often, caregivers need contextual clues
      • Around the age of 1
    • Stage 2 - Two Words
      • Beginning of syntax
      • At around 18 months
      • Their phrases use the basic blocks of meaning
        • Subject
        • Verb
        • Object
        • Complement
          • Gives more information about the subject or object
    • Stage 3 - the telegraphic stage
      • At around 2 years old
      • Start to use three or four word combinations
      • Children still focus on the words that carry most meaning
      • They omit function words


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