Stages of Observation

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  • Stages of Observation
    • 1. Getting In
      • Researcher has to join the group they want to study.
        • "Find Way In"
      • Researcher chooses Overt or Covert role
    • 2. Staying In
      • Needs to be able to record behaviour, activities + ask questions
      • Researcher could be asked to engage in illegal activities
        • Researcher could be asked to engage in something they don't agree with
      • Researcher has to develop role in the group
        • Reason needed for "hanging around"
    • 3. Getting Out
      • Researcher has to leave at some point
      • They need to leave without damaging relationships
        • May wish to return in the future
        • Danger of Researcher going Naitive
      • Account must be accurate
        • Member's identify kept secret


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