Stages of Learning

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  • Stages of Learning
    • Cognitive
      • Mental Practice
      • Inconsistent level of performance,with simple errors occuring
      • Guidance is required
      • The performer struggles when faced with different situations in which to perform the skill
      • Attentional focus is mainly directed to the skill
      • Feedback : external,terminal
    • Associative
      • More physical practice
      • Large improvement in performance level ,with higher consistency and fewer errors
      • Errors are made during complex skills
      • Improved understanding of the skill
      • Balance between conscious and autonomous control
      • Feedback : less external and more intrinsic,positive
    • Autonomous
      • Consistent high performance level,very few errors
      • Analysis of physical practice
      • Performance is adaptable
      • Through understanding of the skill
      • No conscious thought required
      • Feedback:intrinsic,Concurrent,negative


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