Stages of Cardiac Cycle

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  • stages of cardio cycle
    • ventricular diastole, atrial systole
      • Ventricles are relaxed, decreasing volume of chambers + increasing pressure inside chambers.
        • this pushes blood into the ventricles
          • slight increase in chamber pressure + volume as ventricles receive ejected blood from contracting atria
    • Ventricular systole, atrial diastole
      • atria relax
      • ventricles contract
        • decrease volume and increasing pressure
        • pressure higher in ventricles than atria , aorta and pulmonary artery
          • forces AV shut, and SL valves open
    • cardiac diastole
      • both ventricles and atria relax
      • pressure in pulmonary artery and aorta closes SL
      • atria fills cos pressure in Vena Cava and Pulmonary Vein
        • this increases atrial pressure
      • as ventricles relax , their pressure falls below atrial pressure
        • AV valve opens
          • allows passive flow


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