Characteristics of Stage 1

stage 1 of the societal change and its effects on sports and games

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  • Characteristics of Stage 1:   1790-1824
    • 1st Melting Pot
      • the none local nature of the school led to different versions of the same games
      • therefore creating 1 game.
      • e.g. Hunting to the hare and hounds game
    • A lot of Freetime
      • due to to boarding the boys had lots of free time
      • therefore to relieve boredom the boys got into mischief with local landowners
    • Organised by the boys for the boys
      • emphasis was on brute force and violence
      • there was little master involvement with the boys but the masters imposed discipline on the boys in order to be respected
    • Childlike to barbaric
      • The games ranged from childlike to barbaric for the boys
      • Childlike e,g,- tig, chase and marbles
      • Barbaric e.g. fighting
    • Natural Environment
      • the boys tested themselves against the natural environment
      • such as: tresspassing, poaching and swimming in the local river


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