Staff selection

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  • Staff Selection
    • What is staff selection
      • How an orgnisation ensure thta its advertising and interviewing procedures it promotes equal opportunities
    • Advertising
      • Advertise in a wide range of ways and places so that it ensure different goups can access it
        • Job centre
        • shop window
        • online
      • Use the equality opportuity logo to show they are an equal opportunity employer
      • Range of different formats to include all groups can read it
        • Different languages
        • larger fonts
      • Using non-discriminating language so that no-one is put off from applying
    • Interviewing
      • Asking the same question to everyone
      • no personal question
      • offering different times & datas
      • mixed intervieweron the planel e.g. men and women, old and young etc.


Sam Morran


A good summary of the key points.

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