sports supplimens.

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  • sports supplements.
    • protein.
      • aims to build / increase muscle mass.
      • used by vegetarians as a substitute.
      • not needed if got a balanced diet.
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    • bi-carbonate of soda.
      • used to delay the effects of lactic acid.
      • acts as a buffering agent by bringing acid out of your working muscles and into your blood.
      • benefits people who do exercises lasting 1- 7 minutes.
      • side effects:stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, irregular heartbeat, muscle spasms.
    • caffine.
      • increases alertness.
      • improve decision making.
      • benefit aerobic performance.
      • allows fats to be used as an energy source.
      • side effects: dehydration, sleep deprivation, muscle cramps, sickness.
    • creatine.
      • aims to aid ATP re-snthasis.
      • enefits for short powerful movemens.
      • mixed evidenceto show benefits.
      • possible side effects, muscle cramps, diariahoa, sickness.


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