distinction between amatuer and professional sport

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  • Distinction between amateur + professional sport
    • tennis
      • seen as game for 'toffs'
        • needed tennis court
          • upper class had this
      • grew in popularity in the inter-war period
        • due to success of Fred Perry
      • government built public tennis courts
      • remained amateur until 1960's when prize money for competitions meant players could turn up pro
    • Rugby
      • Rugby Union
        • started off public schools
        • grew as amateur game with leagues and international fixtures
    • Horse racing
      • gentleman's sport
        • due to gambling
      • relaxation of Sunday gambling laws
        • increased in appeal
      • owning horses is expensive
      • many races have professional and amateur's competing
    • Boxing
      • started off amateur level
      • not so glamerous
      • boxers had to fight enormous number of contests to satisfy demand
      • grew into professional game
      • amateur level
        • Olympics, commonwealth, pro-fissional prize money can go into millions
          • due to TV coverage
    • Cricket
      • game for upper/middle class
        • due to popularity in public schools
      • working class and young children
        • back street; bat and ball
      • cricket stars made popular through cigarette cards
      • ashes brought country together
      • Untitled
    • football
      • professional sport by 1900
      • popular with both profession leagues across country
      • popular amongst working class
      • grounds built near stations
      • massive wealth in professional game


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