Spirituality and religion

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  • Spirituality and religion
    • Religious spirituality involves believers submitting to a superior divine being that is external.
      • This contrasts with the New Age form of spirituality, which is focused on the individual discovering the divine within themselves.
        • Whereas religions are belief systems ,New Age spirituality is unstructured and includes a diverse range of beliefs.
    • Many New Age beliefs are based on fundamental sacred principles taken traditional religions e.g. Hinduism.
    • Heelas and Woodhead- use the term holistic milieu to describe the wide variety of beliefs and practises that make up the New Age. Includes everything from tarot and yoga.
      • A large part of the holistic milieu consists of audience and client cults and also includes paganism.
        • There findings from their Kendal study suggests that the spiritual revolution is possibly exaggerated. Although predict a steady growth in the holistic milieu.
    • Bruce identifies some common themes in line with New Age thinking.
      • Rejection of science- New Age favours subjectivity, they see lack of scientific evidence for therapies as revealing the limitations of science.
      • Rejection of organised religion- See organised religion as too traditional. They feel it lacks spiritual intensity.
      • Interest in ecology- They are very 'green', they respect the Earth and want to live in harmony with nature.
      • Scepticism of professional expertise- Practitioners emphasis the importance of treating clients not only on the body but mind and spirit.


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