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  • Sperry
    • Aim
      • Study the functions of separated and independent hemispheres
    • Participants
      • 11 split brain patients
    • Method
      • Centred their gaze on a fixed point in front of them
        • Words or images were then shown on one side of the screen for 1/10 of a second
      • Tactile tests
        • Objects placed in participants' hands which are screened from view
    • Findings
      • Images shown in the LVF could be drawn, but not spoken
      • Images in the RVF could be spoken
      • If the left hand found the object, the right hand would keep looking, not realising it had been found.
    • Conclusion
      • Left
        • RVF
        • Right arm and leg
        • Language
        • Logical components
        • Sequences
      • Right
        • Whole picture
        • Patterns
        • Images
        • Music
        • Creativity
        • LVF
        • Left arm and leg


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