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  • Sperry
    • AIM
      • To investigate the effect of hemisphere disconnection
    • METHOD
      • IV
        • Ability to name or draw objects
      • Quasi/Case study
      • DV
        • Presence of a split brain
      • 11 participants who had had the splint brain operation
      • All had a history of sever epilepsy
      • All were right handed
      • visual stimuli was presented on a projector for 1/10th of a second
      • One Visual Field
        • RVF, could name the object, can select the   object
        • LVF, can draw it, cannot name or locate it
      • Both Visual Fields
        • RVF, can name the object but unaware of LVF
        • LVF, unaware they have seen anything but can name it and draw it
      • Tactile
        • Right hand; can name it, can find it. only with the right hand
        • Left hand; cannot name it, can only find it again with left hand
      • Visual + Tactile
        • RVF; can only find it with right hand
        • LVF; cannot find it with either hand
      • Test of the Right Hemisphere. nude image shown to LVF
        • P's blushed and didn't know why


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