Specific + Non-specific Immune Response

Non-specific (Phagocytosis)

Specific (Lymphocytes)

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  • Specific Immune Response
    • Mediated Response - T Lymphocytes
      • Divide by mitosis
        • Make memory cells
          • Secondary Response
            • Divide again when pathogen reenters into memory + killer
        • Make Killer cells
          • Produce proteins which punch holes in membrane of pathogen
            • Cell dies
    • Humoral Response - B Lymphocytes
      • Chemicals released by T-lymphocytes make B lymps. divide
        • Into memory cell
          • Secondary Response - divide when pathogen reenters, long lasting immunity
        • Into plasma cells - primary immune response
          • Produce antibodies which attach + kill pathogen and toxins
    • Non-Specific Immune Response
      • Phagocytes
        • Injest and destroy pathogens
        • Phagocytosis
          • Chemoattractants released by pathogen attract phagocyte
            • Phagocyte attaches/binds to pathogen surface
              • Engluf pathogen in vesicle and form a phagosome
                • Lysosomes fuse with phagosome, release enzymes inside
                  • Enzymes break down pathogen via hydrolysis
                    • Breakdown products are absorbed by phagocyte


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