Specific heat capacity

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  • specific heat capacity
    • the specific heat capacity of a substance is the change in energy in the substances thermal store needed to raise the temp of 1kg of that substance by 1 degrees
    • change in thermal energy=mass*specific heat capacity*change in temp
    • heating a substance increases the energy in its thermal store
    • in kinetic theory, temp is a way of measuring the average internal energy of a substance
    • practical
      • 1. measure the mass of substance by using a weighing scale
      • 2. set up apparatus. make sure joule meter reads zero.
      • 3. measure the temp of the substance your investigating, then turn on the power
      • 4. when temp has increased by 10 degrees on the thermometer, stop the experiment and record the energy on the joulemeter.
      • 5. calculate specific heat capacity using formula
      • 6. repeat whole experiment three times and calculate a mean
      • tips
        • watch out for systemic errors due to energy escaping from your experiment
        • insulating container helps by reducing energy that escapes from the side and the bottom of the substance your investigating


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