Specialized Cells

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  • Specialised cells
    • Fat Cells
      • They are storage cells that get bigger if you store more fat
      • Little Cytoplasm - more room for fat storage
      • Few mitochondria - they use little energy so more room for fat storage
      • Expandable - As it fills up it expands
    • Cone Cells
      • The light sensitive layer of your eye which makes you see colour
      • Middle section packed with mitochondria - This means it can use a lot of energy when seeing colour
      • The final part is a specialized nerve ending which triggers impulses sent to the brain
    • Root Hair Cells
      • They enable plants to take up the water they need
      • Lots of them so they increase surface area of osmosis
      • Positioned close to the Xylem so small diffusion distance
    • Sperm Cells
      • They fertilize an egg with the genetic information needed to create babies
      • Long tails - can swim towards the egg fast
      • Packed with mitochondria which provides the energy for the tail
      • The tip contains enzymes for getting into the egg


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