special cells

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  • specialised cells
    • Fat cells
      • Have a small amount of cytoplasm and lots of fat
      • few mitrocondira as the cell needs very little energy
      • can expand when fills with fat
    • Cone cells from eye
      • outer segment has chemical that changes chemically in coloured light needs energu to go back to normal
      • middle is full of mitrocondria release enrgy to reform the visual pigment
      • special synapse conects to optical nere impulse is triggered when visual pigment reacts with coloured light.
    • root hair cells
      • increase surface area for water to moe into cell
      • large permenant vacule that speeds up the movment of water form the soil across the cell
    • sperm
      • long tail for movement
      • middle is full of mitrocondria to proide energy for tail
      • tip stores enzymes for breaking outer layer of egg
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