Specialised cells

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  • Specialised Cells
    • Red Blood Cells
      • No nucleus
        • Increases maximum absorption capacity
      • Contains haemoglobin
        • Joins with oxygen to transport through the body
      • Large surface area
        • Increases maximum absorption capacity
    • Sperm cell
      • Long tail
        • Enables it to swim towards an egg to fertilise it
      • Pointed head
        • Allows it to penetrate the layer surrounding the egg to fertilise it
      • Head contains enzymes
        • Digests the ovum's membrane so the sperm can fertilise the egg
    • Muscle Cells
      • Very stretchy and fibrous
        • Allow movement
      • Packed full of mitochondria
        • Need a lot of energy to help us move
    • Root hair cell
      • Large Surface Area
        • Allows it to absorb as much water and minerals as possible
    • Palisade Cell
      • Found in the top of the leaf
        • Can trap as much light as possible
      • Epidermis is thin
        • Can let as much light as possible through
      • Large surface area
        • Can absorb as much light, water and minerals as possible
      • Packed with chloroplasts
        • Can absorb as much light as possible
        • Can make as much nutrients as possible
    • Ovum
      • Large and bulky
        • Contains large food stores for a potential baby
      • Contains half the chromosomes needed for a baby
        • Could be fertilised


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