Specialised Cells

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  • Specialised Cells
    • Palisade Leaf Cells
      • Packed with chloroplast for photosynthesis
      • Tall - more surface area down the side
      • Thin can be packed more at the top of the leaf as this is where most photosynthesis occurs
    • Guard Cells
      • Shape helps open and close stomata
      • When full with water they go plump and turgid
      • Thin outer walls, thicker inner walls
      • Sensitive to light and close at night
    • Red Blood Cells
      • Concave shape give a big surface area for absorbing oxygen
      • Packed with haemoglobin which absorbs oxygen
      • No nucleus leaves more room for haemoglobin
      • Red blood  cells are an important part of the blood
    • Sperm
      • Contain male DNA
      • Long tail and streamlined head help to swim
      • Lots of mitochondria to provide energy
    • Egg
      • Contains huge food reserves
      • Changes when fused with sperm cell
      • Important for reproduction




Looked for ages to find something like this, extremely useful

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