Specialised cell adaptations

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  • Specialised cells
    • Sperm Cell
      • Streamlined tail to help swim towards egg
      • Enzymes to digest through egg cell membrane
    • Muscle Cell
      • Long so they have space to contract quickly
      • Contains lots of mitochondria to transfer energy
    • Nerve Cell
      • Rapid signalling
      • Long to cover more distance
      • Branched connections at their ends to connect to other nerve cells
    • Red Blood Cell
      • Transport oxygen around the body
      • Don't have Nuclei
        • More space for haemoglobin
      • contain haemoglobin, which transports oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body
      • Biconcave to increase surface: volume ratio
    • Palisade Cell
      • Packed with chloroplasts for photosynthesis
      • Thinner cells - more usually seen in a leaf
    • Root Hair Cell
      • Have greater surface area across which water and mineral ions can be exchanged
      • Contain Lots of mitochondria in order to provide the energy needed for active transport


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