BIOLOGY - Specialised Cells

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  • Specialised Cells
    • FAT CELLAdapted: it can become 1000x bigger to store more fat. There is a little bit of cytoplasm for small chemical reactions to take place and few mitochondria because the cell only needs a small amount of energy.
    • XYLEM CELL Found: Throughout plantsAdapted: it is hollow to allow water to be transported around the plant
    • A PALISADE CELLFound in: a plant leafAdapted: has a large surface area for the absorption of CO2 and light. Packed with chloroplasts near to the edge of the cell meaning they are exposed to more light rays.
    • MUSCLE CELLFound:Muscle tissueAdapted:has a lot of mitochondria to release energy for contractions. Stored glycogen to be energy source. Can respire both aerobically and anerobically to get more energy.
    • NERVE CELLFound: everywhere in the human body. Adapted: it has tiny branches at each end, and a long fiber to carry electrical signals.
    • SPERM  CELLFound in: human testesAdapted: the head contains genetic information, enzymes and a pointy head to help penetrate the membrane of the ovum. The middle section is packed with mitochondria for energy. It is streamlined and the tail helps move the sperm to the egg.
    • RED BLOOD CELLFound in: human bloodAdapted: It does not have a nucleus so that increast the surface area and the amount of heamoglobin that comes in contact with the cell.
    • ROOT HAIR CELLFound in:a plant rootAdapted:has a large surface area to speed up osmosis.


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