Specialised cells

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  • Specialised Cells
    • Epithelial tissues
      • Collection of similar cells that perform a specific funtion
      • Epithelial: found in animals, consist of sheets, line surfaces of organs
      • Line surface of organs, have protective/secretory function
      • Thin, flat cells for diffusion e.g alveoli
    • Organs
      • Combination of tissues organised to perform specific function
      • Animals: stomach- muscle to churn food, epithelium to protect wall, connective to hold other tissues together
      • Plants: palisade mesophyll for photosynthesis, spongy mesophyll for gaseous diffusion, epidermis for protecting leaf, phloem for transporting away from leaf, xylem for transporting to leaf
    • Organ systems
      • Group of organs that perform specific function
      • Digestive system- salivary glands, oesophagus, stomach, ileum, pancreas, liver
      • Respiratory- trachea, bronchi, lungs
      • Circulatory- heart, arteries, veins


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