Specialised Animal Cells

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  • Specialised Animal Cells
    • Sperm Cell
      • Role
        • Gamete contains half the genetic material, the sperm must deliver this to the ovum.
      • Specialisation
        • Acrosome contains enzymes to get through jelly layer of egg cell.
    • Ovum
      • Role
        • gamete contains half genetic materiel, needed to nurture cell division and fertilisation.
      • Specialisation
        • Cytoplasm contains nutrients to support growth and division. Cell membrane rapidly changes on fertilisation to stop second sperm.
    • Ciliated Epithelial cell
      • Role
        • Move muscles or liquid past cells
      • Specialistaion
        • Hairlike projections to move lots of Mitochondria
        • Found in lining of airways and Fallopian tubes
    • Muscle Cell
      • Role
        • Contract to shorten Muscle and generate movement.
      • Specialisation
        • Long, thin and aligned in same direction
        • In skeletal muscles many cells merge together so there is many nuclei
    • Neurone
      • Role
        • Pass on electrical impulses and use chemicals to pass on signals to adjacent neurones.
      • Specialisation
        • Axons are long and thin to send electrical impulses
        • Dendrites to receive signals
        • Nerve Endings are one part of the synapse to release chemicals


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